Two new Worship Backing Band DVDs released. The cheapest way to buy Split Tracks.

70 new Split Track backing tracks released on two DVDs.

Making contemporary worship accessible, and affordable, in even the smallest church with the least technically adept people, we’ve been delighted to see these DVDs grow in popularity over the years into what are arguably our most successful product outselling even our instructional courses.

Worship Backing Band DVDs are quite simply the cheapest way to access backing tracks. Remember that you don’t get all the functionality of our MultiTracks (and the DVD tracks DO NOT play in the MultiTrack Player) but if you want ease-of-use, on-screen graphics and mixable vocals all on a budget, these are perfect.

Customers will be delighted with these additional 70 songs to add to their repertoire and for a limited time we are offering the two new DVD volumes with a bundle pack discount. For brand new customers who don’t already have volumes 1 to 4, we have bundled all six volumes together at a great discount.

How the DVDs work

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Which two questions are always asked about our MultiTrack Player and tracks?

Interestingly we get asked the same same two questions almost every day about our MultiTrack Pro Wav Player…

Can you use multitracks from other suppliers in our Worship Backing Band player?

In short, yes you can – but they have to be in WAV (not MP3) format and of course you will need to programme the verse/chorus/bridge ‘marker’ points into the player yourself. We go into detail as to how to do this on our FAQs and ‘how to’ videos.

However… we’ve designed both our player and our tracks specifically for use in live church worship AND for people who aren’t necessarily technically minded. So if you find Ableton or regular DAW software complicated or time consuming in setting up a play list of songs for worship we’d suggest using both our Worship Backing Band Player and our MulitTracks as they work seamlessly together without the set up time. We’ve a good selection now – you can see a full listing here.

Using our tracks has other advantages too…

They have both lead and background vocals. Most other suppliers multitracks don’t have any vocals. Have you tried following a track without any vocals? It’s really hard! Plus there’s nothing to help you if you get lost! Why not set up our vocals at a low level in your monitor mix to help cue you? All our tracks also have a spoken word vocal cue to remind you of what section is coming next and even hard-to-remember lyrics. No other multitracks do this plus the background vocals are perfect if you don’t have any harmony singers.

They are recorded in congregational keys with congregational arrangements. Some churches prefer to sing all with the original artist multitrack recordings but we don’t think that’s always such a good idea. Firstly many original tracks are recorded to sound best with the artist’s own voice but most of the time the key is too high. We record all our songs in congregational keys and we also look very closely at the arrangement, so there’s always band friendly chord changes, intros, outros and song lengths suitable for average sized churches. I.e. We make the 12 minute ‘Bethel’ arrangements much more succinct!

They are cheaper! Yep, they are substantially lower priced than the competition. And there’s even quantity discounts so the more songs you buy the better the deals get! …Then the second question;

Can we use tracks from CDs or from YouTube in the MultiTrack Player?

The answer to that is no. Tracks from CDs, iTunes, and other MP3s etc aren’t multitrack recordings. In other words you can’t take a standard stereo recording thats been mixed together and retroactively split out the multitrack instrument parts. It’s simply not possible on our system or any other.

MultiTracks are made up of the separated instrument “stems” and our player lets you play them together, simultaneously, allowing you to mix, mute or solo any individual instrument . When you buy a MultiTrack recording from us you are buying 14 different versions of the same song, all featuring an individual instrument.

And there’s always a third question about how flipping expensive the tracks are compared to buying a song off iTunes!

People mention the financial outlay to get up-and-running with MultiTracks in comparison to buying a single backing track or song from iTunes.

We respond very honestly to this. Firstly, as we’ve said Worship Backing Band MultiTracks are cheaper than the tracks you buy from the two biggest alternative suppliers. PLUS our tracks include lead and background vocals which our main competitors tend not to include. Our main customers are small churches with limited cash, rather than those that have paid worship leaders and a generous worship budget, so we have tried hard to price accordingly.

Secondly, do be aware that when you buy a MultiTrack you are buying a LOT more than just a song file from iTunes, what you’re really buying is 14 very high quality song files that fit together seamlessly. This is basically the track as recorded in the studio in high quality WAV format – quite a valuable commodity. These WAVs are chunky uncompressed files (perhaps as big as 500MB – that alone tells a story about how different they are to a 4 mb MP3 with inferior compressed audio).

Finally, we’d ask what value you place on your worship? These songs will be sung many many times by your congregation. That’s generally a few cents a song for each congregant. We charge what we need to to cover our recording costs, the development of the Player, the production costs of the tracks and our marketing and admin overhead. And a pretty large chunk goes out to the song writers and publishers each time a track is sold.

Getting started with MultiTracks: bulk buy discounts

We’ve put together some fantastic bundle pack deals for our MultiTrack users. They are perfect for new users to get them a great repertoire of songs that they know will be popular with their congregation.
You always get savings when buying 10 or more tracks at the same time but you’ll save even more with these bundles of tracks.  There are also corresponding bundle packs of chord charts with each offer.

These are genuinely the top selling tracks from our website in the last year. They also closely correlate with the CCLI top 25 list so even if you don’t currently know all the songs, you can be reassured that they are well known elsewhere and well worth you introducing them to your congregation.

These tracks are ready to go with our MultiTrack Player but can also be used in any DAW like Ableton, Garageband, Logic etc.

Is Worship Backing Band is right for you? Watch our video guides to the basic functions

It’s really simple to get started with the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. Here are three short video guides showing some of the basic functions:

How to upload a song

How to create a song mix

How to build a set list

Customer reviews

Just downloaded worship backing band software and the song “Forever” and was blown away at how good the tracks sounded as well as how easy it was to install and use! One of the best pieces of software I’ve ever bought no doubt! Consider this coming from a producer,songwriter, guitarist, & sound engineer who has used Pro Tools and produced three albums over the last 6 years! Great software for learning and teaching. I’ll find out how well it works in a live environment very soon! Job well done folks!

Scott Patrick

We are blown away by your excellent program. Our worship team has never been better since we’ve implemented it into our system. “We are fans for life!” would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jen Flatt Osborn – Praise and Worship Team Leader, New Life Harvest Church, Bacliff, Texas

What sets Worship Backing Band apart from other MultiTrack Players?

We’re pretty pleased with the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player. It was designed to be the simplest multitrack player on the market with all the essential functionality but none of the frills which add to the cost and complexity of other software.

It’s proved so good in a live environment that a lot of our customers have started using the player instead of software such as Ableton. It works on both Mac and PC and can also be used with a footpedal for hands-free operation.

As well as the simplicity, Worship Backing Band is positioned at a really affordable price point. Not only is the Player itself a low cost, but our MultiTracks are the cheapest WAV format multitracks you can buy. And we offer price breaks when you buy in bulk.

Plus, when you buy the Player, you’ll normally get a FREE MultiTrack each month.
Have we mentioned how it’s REALLY SIMPLE to use? Click for more information and to buy.

How are the Worship Backing Band tracks different?

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Is your church struggling with half a band or missing musicians?

If you’d love a fuller, more professional band sound on Sundays but don’t have a full worship team, the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player has been designed with you in mind!
It’s the simplest and least expensive solution to get a full band sound from your worship team, even if you’ve only got a couple of musicians.
What you can do:
  • Play high definition audio backing tracks for today’s most popular contemporary worship songs but control which instrument stems you hear in the mix and which you play live
  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section in a live worship set
  • Key and tempo change to suit your singers and congregation
  • Footswitch and hot key control for easy use
  • 14 instrument stems including vocals and BVs – perfect for less confident singers
  • Use Worship Backing Bands tracks, your own songs  and even third party backing tracks
 And it’s REALLY SIMPLE to use. Click for more information and to buy.

What people think of the Player: customer reviews

This is brilliant! A real game changer! Using the hot keys to loop sections and practise sections is actually easier than most Ableton set ups and dragging in the file is genius. Really great stuff.
Kristian Ponsford, Worship leader, consultant to Worship Central and Ableton specialist
We started using Worship Backing Band in our Church about a month ago. I love it. I am the whole Praise and Worship team. I can have voices added in with mine or sing alone, and I love the fact that we can change the key to fit voice ranges. I am new at this as it wasn’t my calling, I was just the only one that would step up and do it. This is the first time I have ever used something like this and it has worked really well for us.
Debbie Tanton

I first want to let you know that your product is outstanding! We use it every Sunday for about 90% of the songs that we sing. If we didn’t have this we would be floundering with the empty sound of two keyboards, the singers and nothing else. Thanks a million!

Rev. Chris Hall, Minister of Music, Seniors, and Spec Activities at Cedar Falls Baptist Church

All in all the “MultiTrack Pro Wav Player” update is great.
Independent review by Kim Gentes, founder of
Oceans went really well on Sunday. I think this is a great example of where the backing band stuff you do excels, and I know my church would not been able to pull this song off without your help.
Dann Cleveland

Backing track options for churches with no or few musicians [Demo Video]


The backing track solutions described in the video above are:

Free MultiTrack from Worship Backing Band: Impossible

Free MultiTrack of the month

This month’s free track comes from one of the members of the Musicademy Worship Community Facebook Group; independent UK artist and worship leader David Woodman.

David’s track ‘Impossible’ is the second of his songs to be featured in our Free Multitrack of the Month section.

This track is more pop/rock style than the country song we featured last time. Again it’s very congregational with a declarative theme and will be a valuable addition to your church’s repertoire of fast songs with lyrical depth and content. So check out the 30 sample here and download the MultiTrack. Remember you’ll need a copy of the MultiTrack Player for PC or Mac and David has even provided a free chord chart for all you good lovely folks! So please, also check out his full album and website!

Download the free track here.

David’s website is and the track is available on the album Looking Up. Physical CDs can be ordered via Bandcamp or downloaded via iTunes.

David Woodman Looking Up

David says:

Impossible is a declaration of faith and expectation, that we serve a risen Saviour, for whom nothing is too difficult. It’s been humbling to hear how people struggling with all sorts of life’s challenges have used it to lift their eyes off their circumstances and back onto the Lord.“

Hymns! Hymns! Hymns! 10 new MultiTracks and Super Chord Charts

Hymn MultiTracks

You asked for them. We delivered.

10 hymn MultiTracks in a contemporary band style. No hymn rewrites. No hymns with added choruses or bridges. No hymns with new tunes. Simply well known hymns with a modern backing band that you can play and sing along to in church.

But these things aren’t always as straightforward as they seem.

Firstly we needed a range of hymns that are known and popular across both sides of the pond.

Secondly, even with hymns that are well known, their most popular melodies, lyrics and verse structures can differ from country to country. So it’s quite difficult to please all the people all the time!

That said, we’ve worked hard to marry up the most popular tunes and lyrics with contemporary arrangements that we hope you’ll really enjoy!

Click through to listen.

All The Hail The Power of Jesus Name
Amazing Grace
Come Thou Fount
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Fairest Lord Jesus
Holy Holy Holy
How Firm A Foundation
It Is Well With My Soul
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (On Christ the Solid Rock)
Praise To The Lord The Almighty

Every Key Chord Charts

Don’t forget; if you need chord charts we’ve produced Every Key Chord Charts for each of these hymns (available by clicking on the song links above). These match the arrangements and chords used in our recordings exactly.
Every Key Chord Charts are much more than a regular chord chart.

All chords are neatly laid out over 4 bar sections so you can see exactly over which beats all the changes happen, verses are clearly demarcated for easy reading at a glance, there’s a song structure roadmap and even a strumming pattern for guitarists. And don’t forget you get a chart in all 12 keys so if you want to change the key you can still play along!

All in all Every Key Chord Charts are more of a cross over between chord chart and lead sheet, and all for non music readers!